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Friday, June 4, 2010

People in this "ethical" administration still trying to dodge their taxes

Here is your link.

Maybe they should make Rahm Emanuel the Secretary of the Treasury. It seems that being a tax cheat is a requirement to be part of this group that wants to raise YOUR taxes.

I love this excuse:
The White House responded to Newsradio 780's inquiry and issued this statement, "Rahm Emanuel has owned his home in Chicago for 11 years and has always paid his obligations promptly. He never received this particular bill, but today, the moment it was brought to his attention, he paid it in-full immediately."
You see? He isn't really a cheat. He just never got the bill. He was so busy trashing the Constitution that he didn't have time to think about silly things like paying his taxes. Paying taxes is for the little people, not for important people like him. Unless he is called out in public of course. You can't let the little people know that the lord and master isn't paying his fair share.

Maybe this just has to do with the definition of fair. To these people fair means "you have to pay and I don't".

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