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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sen. Byrd KKKicked the Bucket.

No, I didn't come up with that title myself, but I couldn't resist.

Here is a link. You can find plenty more if you want.

Now, to sit back and watch the LWM worship. USAToday and ABC didn't even mention the fact that he was in the KKK. Not that I would expect them to since what they "report" has little association with the facts.

Do you think the LWM would mention that fact if the person who died was anything other than a hard left leaning extremist like Byrd?

There is no left leaning bias in the media. Really, there isn't.

This is one worthless person in the senate that doesn't have to be voted out.

1 comment:

LL said...

The article does mention that he was a Klansman (toward the bottom).

Byrd was so senile in the last two or so terms in the US Senate that it's difficult to understand why West Virginia kept electing him. Then again, the country voted barack hussein obama and his senile sidekick, Joe (Slow Joe) Biden into the White House.


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