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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What a week to be swamped at work

I've been busy and missed lot's a opportunities to rant and rave. This will be the short version of some things.


BP won't pay for the cleanup. They will declare bankruptcy. They had noble words when this first happened but as the extent of the spill has grown and the cost of the cleanup has goes out of sight they will declare bankruptcy. In the end we will all pay. There will be higher prices at the pump as companies calculate the possible cost of this and add that to their operating expenses. The same thing happens when any large company is sued and loses a huge settlement.


I wouldn't want to be in El Paso at the moment. I can't wait to see the video (if it exists) of the Mexican police crossing the border illegally, picking up something (maybe a shell case?) and dropping it near the boys body. Just trying to cause trouble for the Border Patrol agents that American's won't cause trouble for. The kid and his buddies were apparently committing aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and he defended himself. I wonder what would have happened to those kids if they had started throwing rocks on Mexican police officers? I wonder what would have happened if American kids went into Mexico and started throwing rocks at Mexican police officers. Probably none of them would ever make it home again. This reminds me of one of a comment from Jeff Cooper: Don't throw rocks at people with guns.

I'm sorry for his families loss but from what I've read about him it doesn't sound like much of a loss.


I wouldn't want to be in Los Angeles right now, either. The trial of the BART police officer Johannes Mehserle is starting. He is a white officer charged with murder for shooting a young black man. Actually, I've had a hard time finding out exactly what he is charged with. I've watched some of the videos of the shooting. I don't think there is any question that he fired the shot. The question is: What is he charged with? That seems highly relevant to me but probably won't matter at all to the people who will likely burn the city down if he isn't convicted.

Could he be convicted of an unintentional homicide i.e. it was an accident as his defense claims? Sure. I think that would be a slam dunk. Could he be convicted of an intentional unjustified but non-premeditated homicide? That could happen. There are articles out there about exchanges of words between the man who was shot and the officers. It is possible that the officer became so angry that he intentionally shot the man. Could he be convicted of premeditated murder? I don't think so.

Of course the LWM is making a big deal about the lack of black people on the jury. The LWM loves a good riot and will do what they can to start one. It makes them lots of money. Big headlines, pictures and video of police in riot gear and people having their heads smashed by creeps with fire extinguishers are all big profit items for the news.

If this officer is charged with premeditated murder and the jury isn't allowed to convict him of a lesser crime then there will probably either be riots when he is found not guilty or he will be wrongfully convicted.

A separate issue is: Is the punishment for the lesser crimes stiff enough? I don't know what the possible range of punishment is in CA.

Another thing that struck me in the videos was the crowd. They were screaming profanity and seemed to me that they were on the edge of getting out of control while the officers were talking to the men before the shot was fired. The big city can truly be an ugly place.


The President and his mouth. I wonder if he normally talks like that in front of his children? I don't use that kind of language in front of my kids and I don't like other people using it in front of them either. If the President thinks the A word is ok for his little girls then I wonder if he thinks the F word is ok, too? How about GD?

I can give him a tip on this: You will never get in trouble for NOT using bad language.

If you have to resort to that kind of expression then that is a sign of a limited vocabulary. I know I'm not a great example of a large vocabulary, but then again I'm not the President and I'm not on a national news show. I'll admit to saying bad things, especially if I'm working outside and I'm soaked in sweat and a machine quits working and then I hurt myself while trying to fix it, but I try hard to make sure nobody is within hearing range. I think I have the self control to hold my tongue when there is a live microphone.


I went to a 'fun show' last weekend. It was fun. There were good deals to be found but you had to look for them.


Until next time.

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