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Monday, June 14, 2010

Student Attacks Democrat Congressman's Hand with a Camera!! Why isn't this guy in jail?

Seriously, this congressman needs to be facing an assault charge. I would've loved it if the student had punched him in the family jewels and swept his leg. A swift blow to the throat would have been interesting as well.

Probably the student was so shocked that he couldn't believe what was happening. If a creepy looking guy assaults you your mind probably doesn't have the same reaction as it does when a congressman assaults you. There is a lesson there.

I don't know this guy's voting record but I suspect that he is a wanna-be elite big government type and is upset that the little people seem like they may not accept the Hussein agenda, at least not without a fight. He knows he is in for a fight in the next election and doesn't like it. Hopefully he just put another nail in his own political coffin.

Good show congressman. You probably just did what a lot of left-wing congressmen would like to do - slap someone that you think disagrees with you.

1 comment:

Ken said...

...the 'hand grab'i would of let pass,simply cuz the camera was running...the reach to the back of the head would have never made it without his arm getting broke...!


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