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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Does this look like a person who should be telling anyone else what to eat?

She seems to think that a federal law telling Americans what to eat would be Constitutional.

Here is the video:

She says in the video that she thinks a law requiring Americans to eat vegetables would be stupid. Looking at pictures of her I suspect she wouldn't think a law requiring Americans to eat donuts would be stupid.

The question that matters and that nobody has asked (at least I haven't heard about it) is this:

Which of the following do you agree with:

A. The Constitution is a restriction on government power and must be preserved.

B. The Constitution is an obstacle on the road to paradise and was written by a bunch of old , patriarcical, white guys who are dead anyway.

The answer to that question would be more useful than any of the questions I've heard asked in the hearings.

From what I've read and heard so far I think it is pretty clear what her answer would be.

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Paladin said...

When I heard this clip on a radio show last night, I thought to myself "This is so unbelievable, its going to be EVERYWHERE I LOOK tomorrow."

So far, I've seen it virtually no where. I posted the vid this morning on my place, and until your post I hadn't heard another peep about it.

Her refusal to answer "no" to a simple question of whether such a law would be constitutional or not should be headline in 70 point font, every where you turn. Its the most important and blatant revelation about her views that they've managed to weasle out of her in the hearings, IMO.

Instead, we are treated to quips about what a good sense of humor she has. I am stunned by the stupidity of people sometimes.


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