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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teen unemployement over 25% - highest on record

This is another benefit of unlimited illegal immigration.

Used to be that many kids got their first job flipping burgers or making/delivering pizza. In many areas that is not the case these days.

Higher unemployment for low skilled or inexperienced (or teeneage) workers goes hand in hand with a higher minimum wage.

If you have young children you must make sure they learn how to work. I don't mean that you need to teach them a particular skill although that is great, too. I mean that you must teach them to show up on time or early, and dressed appropriately for whatever the job is. You must teach them to accomplish their task on time or early and to handle the little things that come up. Teach them to show enthusiasm for the job even if they don't feel it and to jump in on a new task and try to figure it out. You have to teach them how to treat customers.

Kids used to learn this stuff doing low wage jobs. These days parents will have to teach this.


Dr. Dave said...

My parents taught me the value of work, so I should expect to do the same for my kids, except I'm going to teach them one lesson my parents didn't: be an entrepreneur. It means everything these days.

Paladin said...

My first paying job, was working as a stone mason's assistant during the summer when I was in high school. I hauled flagstone and mixed mortar for the masons.

When I had mastered that, my duties expanded to actually cutting the stone to fit and laying it out, in addition to hauling stone and mixing mortar. Once my work was of acceptable quality, I was allowed to set and grout stone too.

Over the course of a summer I learned a trade from the bottom up and could lay horizontal mortared flagsone (sidewalks, patios) almost as well as the best mason on the job, albeit a little slower.

Next time you drive by a housing development where they are laying stone take notice of who is doing ALL the stonework.


Did it MY way said...

My parents also taught me to work, and the value of a dollar.
Unfortunately my dad was a died in the wool Democrat.
When I started my own business at the age of 26 he said I was the most ungrateful sob that ever lived.
I paid my employees a dollar an hour OVER union scale. I hired the best and fired the rest. Three of my employees retired quite wealthy. I closed my business in August of 2009 because I refused to pay any more taxes.
But guess what? That knowledge goes with me.
Being an entrepreneur is the best thing to do. Having a trade helps just as much. Some people are quite happy working for someone, and a trade insures they can work anywhere for any one. It can still be done.

See Ya

The Other Mike S. said...

I started out as a dishwasher. Amazingly, so did both of my boys. If nothing more, it teaches you the value of a good education so that you're not stuck in that kind of position for your entire life.

I became a cook and did that for two years while in high school. I use that skill now in volunteer work.


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