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Sunday, September 6, 2009

One Racist Out - The Rest of the Administration to Go

So the loony-toon, racist, communist Van Jones has resigned.

GOOD!! It's about time.

Seriously, this goofball reminds me of an audio book I listened to. There was a radical, nation of Islam, black power, racist black guy giving the white protagonist a ration and finally the black guy asks "Are you a racist?" The white guy responds "I wasn't until now." That's the way crazy radicals like Van Jones make me feel.

I'm glad he's officially gone from the administration but he will still have power and influence. He is too close to the philosophy of the so-called "Reverend Wright" for the President to ignore him for long.

I guess having a tax cheat as the head of the treasury isn't enough to get the American people riled up, but this clown was. Now the radicals in congress can see a line in the sand. They will have to try and push it back and go around it. Just watch. The craziness of this administration and this congress haven't been reduced.

My better half pointed out the fact that his one good point was this: He was fun to pick on and poke fun at. I didn't post about him here but we had plenty of laughs at his expense. Well, there is still the President, his wife, Pelosi, Reid, and plenty of other radicals that will have to take up the slack.


The Other Mike S. said...

Yep, he'll be looked at as a martyr in the Commie community. He'll now be able to go back being the racist, commie community organizer he's always been, without any fear of repercussions.

Ron Russell said...

Yep, Van is gone, but far too many left for me. Scratch Obugger and you have another Van Jones---not a dimes worth of difference. All part of a large hate-America crowd.


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