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Monday, September 28, 2009

London Fashion: What is wrong with these people!?

I know little about fashion. I like pants and shorts with cargo pockets and I like heavy duty shoes or boots that will protect my feet. I don't care what they look like. I could probably buy my entire wardrobe at Gebo's and be satisfied.

However, I know enough to say that these people at a London fashion show look funny. In fact, they look like something out of a 1970's sci-fi TV show. Maybe from the Battlestar Galactica or Buck Rogers in the 25th Century series.

This one looks like a heroin addict with a tie-dyed Komondor on her head.

This one is proof that zombies do walk the earth. People don't wear outfits like that around here except at Halloween - any other time and someone would shoot them.

The guy on the left looks like a zombie wearing road kill. The one in the middle is C3P0 crossed with a pregnant woman that wants to be a drum major. I think the one on the right is Olive Oil (from Popeye) except she's got the tin-foil hat on the wrong end.

The one on the left loved Devo as a child and the one on the right can't decide if he wants to be a jet fighter pilot or a state trooper.

Guys, I guarantee that if you wear these as camouflage in Afghanistan the Taliban will stay FAR away from you. The one on the right reminds me of the time Mick Jagger got lost in an Army-Navy surplus store.

If these are examples of fashion then I think I'd prefer to be out of style, although the zombie outfit would be neat for Halloween.

1 comment:

Paladin said...

I think they all would be appropriate for Halloween.

I've never understood "high" fashion either. None of it bears any resemblance to anything a normal person would wear. What's the point?


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