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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Have you ever driven a diesel locamotive?

We went to the Southeastern Railway Museum and I rode in the cab of one of their diesel locos with my two oldest. Here are a few short videos. I've got another couple of videos and some stills to upload later. I would have more pics but I used all the memory on the videos and we didn't have the laptop with us. I really need to get more memory cards.

If you like trains this is a neat place to go.


Paladin said...

That's cool.

I love old trains. There's word that they are moving the big railroad museum that is currently at Fair Park up to the historic area in Frisco at some point. Sure would make it closer for me to visit than way off down in "the hood" where it is now.

Bitmap said...

I love the Big Boy and others that they have there.


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