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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Idiot of the Day" Awards

From this article about flooding in the southeast.

At least two people were missing, including a Tennessee man who went swimming in an overflowing ditch on a $5 dare and a 15-year-old Georgia teen who never returned from a swim in the surging Chattooga River.
The guy from TN won big, didn't he?

I have a question about that: If someone says "Hold my bear and watch this" and then is swept away by the current in the flooded ditch he just went into over a $5 bet, what do you do with the beer?

Both of these clowns deserve the "Idiot of the Day" Award.

Runner up awards go to the idiots I saw on the TV who went out in the flood in their bass boat. Apparently their motor died (or maybe the current was too strong) and in the video I saw the boat was swirling around and it bumped into a partially submerged fence and the guys in the boat were trying to hold onto the fence so the boat wouldn't be swept away. I don't know what happened to those guys. If they survived they may have learned something.

Don't go out in a flood for fun. Don't go in a car, don't go on foot, don't go swimming, and don't go in your fishing boat. I thought everyone knew that but I guess not. Maybe their parents just never told them not go play in flood waters.

You may have to get out in high water to try and save a loved one or if you are somehow caught by surprise and have to move to higher ground. In those situations you do what you have to do but make no mistake - it is not fun and should not be treated as a carnival ride.

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