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Friday, March 26, 2010

Sorry I haven't been posting much

I have been busy at work and at home and just haven't had time to do much worth writing about or read much worth commenting on.

We bought an incubator and got it set up so the temperature can stabilize. Previously we borrowed one and had some success. The bobcats took their toll, so we are planning on repopulating our chicken pens. Hopefully the federal government won't come up with a new "socialized egg" law and mess up my plans.

I also read the book "Jaws". Why? Someone gave me a copy of the book. This is one of the few times that I prefer the movie over the book. This is a story about a man eating shark, right? I really don't think that a detailed list of all the places a women puts powder on her body and in her clothes before she goes to cheat on her husband has any place in a book about a man eating shark. I expect blood, guts, and terror, not a bunch of wishy-washy nonsense that sounds like an article out of Cosmo. Before I finished I was rooting for the shark and only finished the book because I was sort of hoping that it would eat ALL of the main characters. My advice: skip the book.


Jeannetta said...

Good luck in incubating, that's in our future too. Keep tabs on the NAIS, it could be the health care plan for farms. If you haven't heard of it, to go nonais.org, they'll fill you in.

Bitmap said...

I've heard of it and it is bad news. My thought is that if the government controls the food supply then they control the people.

Of course I'm just paranoid and so greedy that I don't want to pay the registration fee (tax) on each chicken.


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