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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Watch out for barnyard animals

I knew a woman once who raised cattle with her husband. They had a bull and described it as "one of the family" and treated it like a pet. Great. Fine. My advice, though, was "Don't turn your back on it and don't ever let your guard down." She laughed. I've lost touch with her and don't know if she or her husband were ever injured or killed by any of their 1000+ pound "pets" or not.

Here is a guy that seems to have let his guard down and paid the price.

From the article:
"The poor man, he loved his animals," (Deputy Coroner) Straka said. "They were his pets."
The guy forgot that large animals can easily kill or maim you, on purpose or by accident. I know a guy that raises cattle and he was almost killed when a cow suddenly moved sideways and pinned him against a fence in his feedlot and almost squished him through the fence. He wasn't sure if she was pushed out of the way by a more aggressive cow or if she decided to scratch herself on the fence. Either way he could have ended up badly injured or killed. After that he decided to always carry a cattle prod with him when he worked in a close area with his cattle.

Be especially cautious if an animal is injured or is a mother with little ones. Mothers sometimes decide they don't want you too close to their young and a cow or pig is big enough to do something about it.

When my dad was a boy he went with his dad to pick up a bull. Grandpa towed an open-top cattle trailer over to the place behind his car and backed the trailer up to a chute so they could load the bull. My dad will playing in the back seat of the car. At first the bull decided that he didn't want to go into the chute. That provided some moments of excitement for Grandpa and the seller, but since my dad was inside the car my grandpa wasn't worried about him. Finally, after some effort on the part of the men the bull decided he would go into the chute after all. He was so enthusiastic that he charged through the chute onto the trailer and then jumped over the front end of the trailer and onto the trunk of the car.

My dad recommends against sitting in the back seat of a car when a bull jumps onto the trunk. Of course if the bull had covered a few more feet in the air before he landed then I might not be here to type this drivel.

The moral of the story: Barnyard animals are unpredictable.

It doesn't matter if you think they are pets. They can still kill you.


Paladin said...

I'm still amazed at the stupidity of people who openly wonder what could have caused the killer whale to kill the trainer at sea world recently...

It's an effing KILLER WHALE, for cryin' out loud!!

Glad your Dad made it through his encounter long ago. As someone who has been bashed by livestock off and on for most of their life, I can appreciate how scarey that probably was for him as a kid.

Ron Russell said...

I can remember as a young boy on the farm my grandmother telling me to stay away from the new born calfs, but of course when her back was turned on day I had to pet a cute young calf--well I think you may know what happened the calf's mother didn't take well to my affections and proceeded to butt and roll me on the ground. Fortunately she was a muley headed cow and I avoided serious injury---I learned my lesson that day! And of course I've had bulls chase me on more than one occasion, but always managed to escape the brutes!

Did it MY way said...

I weigh 185#-Bull weighs 1,000#

Bitmap said...

I was almost run over by a calf once. It had gotten out of someone's fence and I was drifting it towards the gate to my field so I could put it in there and keep it off the road until I could find the owner. Something spooked it and it jumped and ran right at me. The "little" critter was probably 250-300 pounds and I wasn't going to try and wrestle it to the ground. I guess I'm just a wimp.


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