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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've been seeing more police running radar lately

Maybe it's old news but I've seen a huge increase in the last few months. I commute about 45 miles each way to work. From when I started this commute 10+ years ago up until the last year or so I would see police running radar once or twice each year. Usually one state patrol and one county sheriff or small town police.

For the last two months I've seen at least one LEO per week running radar. Three this week already.


Jeannetta said...

I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but maybe it's not just radar.

Paladin said...

There's definite opinions on both sides of the argument as to the "real" purpose behind radar enforcement. Some folks consider them "speed traps" and a clear effort on the part of municipalities to collect revenues. Others think its an important tool to make the highways and roads safer, and you shouldn't worry about it if you just obey the law.

My own opninion is somewhere in the middle (at the risk of appearing squishy, myself :). I do know from first hand accounts, however, that revenue from traffic citations is very important to many city governments. Especially in harder economic times when sales tax revenue falls. This "importance" is stressed to traffic enforcement divisions in clear, yet non-quota phrased terms.

Rubs me wrong to see radar enforcement in the town where I work at 2 or 3 times its usual level toward the end of every single month - and I drive the speed limit. I haven't had a ticket for speeding - ever.

Did it MY way said...


See Ya

Joel said...

revenue and justification of federal funding.

Nomad said...

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Ron Russell said...

I think "Did it my way" probably has it right. Tax revenues are down so revenue from speeding tickets must be increased. We always paid extra for politicians spending too much.

Ken said...

...yep,revenue generators,as others have mentioned...the "sobriety checkpoints/roadblocks" here have easily doubled(paperz pleeze)...


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