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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cop Count so far this week

Monday morning: 1
Monday afternoon: 0
Tuesday morning: 1
Tuesday afternoon: 0
Wednesday morning: 3
Wednesday afternoon: 1
Thursday morning: 1

That is 7 in 7 trips. I've never seen it like this before. In less than a week I've seen more cops with radar than I've seen per year most of the years I've been here.

As far as this being a revenue thing it seems to me that if that's the case then they are starting a little late in this economic downturn. In 2009 I noticed a slight increase, maybe 18 or 20 for the year, but nothing like this.


Ken said...

...yep,three roadblocks in last week/10 days...only went thru three all last year !?!?

...sorry,meant to say "sobriety checkpoints"(joke)...paperz pleeze

Ken said...

...two more this week,stepped up local speed traps too !?!?


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