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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Venezuela introduces "The Good Life" food rationing card

Here is your link.

It's a part of the never ending push for their government to control the people. "The Good Life" card will give the government an easy way to control what food you buy and how much of it.

Remember that when the government controls the food supply they control the people.

You can bet that people who are out of favor with the government will have "malfunctions" with their cards while people in favor with the government will be able to get whatever they want.

Our President and congress are probably looking at this with envy and hoping for a chance to implement the same thing in the USA. If only the left wingers can fool enough people into believing that they are actually in favor of reducing the power of the federal government and convince people to vote for them in November then they can start working on forcing this on us in January.

The more of your food that you can produce long term (as opposed to storing food which is really for the short term) the better off you will always be. Of course producing your own food isn't the perfect solution either because the government can always destroy your means of making food "for your own good", but so far the FDA is only kicking in the doors of people producing food to sell to other people.

Any time the government wants to control the supply of anything vital you can be sure that it's a bad idea.

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