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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've been busy. Here are a few headlines for you

UN says wealthy nations should give money to 3rd world dictators instead of balancing their budgets.

Let's all go bankrupt together so everyone can be equally miserable. Sort of "socialism by other means".

Here is a true gem of wisdom in this article:
Rising incomes in emerging economic powers like China is the main reason for progress in tackling poverty there . . .
Really!? Did the UN just figure this out or did someone have to tell them? I wonder if our President realizes this?

Seems to me that a nation must first look out for itself first. Going bankrupt to hand out more charity is sort of like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.


The Fed considering pumping another $1.7 trillion into the economy.

This remind me of the definition of insanity i.e. doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Who knows, maybe this time they will get hyperinflation. That would be a different result.

The article seemed like a cheering section for the federal government. It went on about "the recovery" and how we've avoided a second great depression. As far as I can tell the fat lady hasn't sung yet.


Here is every government's wet dream: UK proposes that all paychecks be sent by employers to the state who will then transfer any leftover money to the people who earned it.

Are they serious!? Even FDR didn't dream that big, or if he did he didn't tell anyone about it. Here is a hint people: There have been a few countries that tried this and so far it hasn't worked out well. I know, I know, this time we have President Hussein and Nancy Pelosi and they will make it work out right this time. LOL and waiting for someone to propose this in the United States of America.


Here's to hoping it cools off enough soon that I can go cut some more firewood and work on another elevated blind without having a heat stroke.


chinasyndrome said...

Bitmap,definition of insanity is right! I bet Pelosi and Reid are licking their chops over that one.If they attempt to take my check before I get it,its on! They will see a crazy redneck in action!


Wretha said...

What a load of bovine excrement! The UN should disappear, it makes me sick to see that Iranian dictator stepping on US soil with that shit eating grin on his face.


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