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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Texan convicted of NOT racially profiling Mexicans

Here is a link, which doesn't seem like a tinfoil hat website. Here is another. To be honest the story is also on infowars and prisonplanet, so it could be a fantasy, but with this administration nothing is impossible.

The short form is that Paul Copeland was selling firearms at a fun show in Austin, TX. He sold a firearm to a man who spoke Spanish and had what looked like a TX DL. Then he was busted for selling a firearm to an illegal.

Apparently, having a DL isn't good enough. If you are going to sell a firearm to someone you need to be an expert at determining their immigration status.

Of course the easiest way to avoid selling to illegals is to not sell a firearm to anyone who speaks Spanish and has brown skin. You still face some risk but that covers the vast majority of illegals.

If you refuse to sell to someone who MIGHT be an illegal then the feds will probably come and bust you for discrimination or a hate crime. If you sell to someone who has a DL showing they are a resident of the same state as you then the feds may come and bust you for selling to an illegal.

The common thread here is that the almighty federal government doesn't want you selling your private property without their permission.

The article doesn't really say if Mr. Copeland was an FFL or just disposing of his own property. If he was an FFL I wonder if the NICS check would have showed that the buyer was an illegal?

Be careful out there. The nonsense is getting thicker and more unpredictable every day. Even though the federal government is broke it apparently still has resources for stunts like this.

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