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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hunting season is coming

I've got to pick up a few boxes of Managed Recoil ammo for #1 and #3. I'll probably let #1 try full power ammo this year so we'll see how that goes. I want to upgrade #2's rifle. I need to hurry if I'm going to do that.

My better half gave me some new arrows so I got out the old bow. I had to get it re-strung. When I did that I forgot to specify that I use fingers instead of a release so the guy set it up with a D-ring. He's going to fix it today if my better half has time to take the boy by the shop.

We've cleared a spot for a new elevated blind and I hope to get out there this weekend and get a good start on it. #1 son is probably going with us which will make things go a little faster.

My better half also bought me a new Primos pop-up ground blind. It is a fancy one nad Now to figure out where to put it. One advantage of multiple blinds is that game changes it pattern from time to time. It is best to have options available. The big advantage of the pop-up is that if you scout around and see sign in a new location you can just put your blind next to a pile of brush or tumble weeds and be good to go, at least for deer. Tumble weeds blow around and change positions, tree limbs and entire trees fall, so a slight change in scenery doesn't bother deer much. Especially mule deer. Turkeys notice changes more but even they get used to things quickly, especially in the fall.

Here is to hoping for lots of meat on the table.

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