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Friday, September 3, 2010

Reduced LEO patrols aren't just for the big city

You've probably seen in the news where a number of big cities are laying off LEOs or have changed policy and come up with lists of crimes that they won't send LEOs to.

I guess it should not surprise me that this trend has come to the county I live in. The Sheriff has announced that deputies will no longer patrol the county. Instead they will wait for a call to come in and then respond.

According to the article I read in what passes for a county newspaper (a combination of Thrifty Nickel, Country Living, and some gossip that is printed once a week) the reason is the aging fleet of vehicles and a reduced fuel budget. The county has not budgeted enough for new vehicles and is rapidly burning through their maintenance funds.

I have to admit that in the last 14 years I've seen a Sherrif's patrol on the road I live on twice so it's not like there has been a deputy around every bend in the road. However, I suspect that the response time for most of the county will go up significantly because the deputies will probably be at the station instead of spread out around the county.

Times are tough all over.

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