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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Took the kids to the range again this weekend

The older boys did about as well as expected. A few reminders about trigger, sights, and breathing (mostly about the trigger) and they were pretty well doing what they should. This was little girlie's 2nd time out with real firearms as opposed to her air rifle. At 7 yards she was keeping 5 rounds in less than 3 inches on paper. After doing that four times in a row she was starting to get bored so I put a soda can out and let her chase it around the backstop for a while. I was glad when she got tired of it because we were about to lose the shade up close to the backstop. Did I mention that little girlie will turn 5 in January?

I think the boys will be tuned up for hunting season without any trouble. Little girlie will probably have to wait for next year, though, because I don't think she would sit long enough in the cold to have much chance. We'll see. She might surprise me.


Paladin said...

Keep passin' it on :) Sounds like you're giving them a great foundation to build on.

I had plans to go to the range this week myself, since I'm off work. I put it off until the end of the week though, so I could get some other stuff done, and now there's the tropical deluge to deal with.... sucks.

Bitmap said...

Just take your mud boots.


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