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Friday, August 7, 2009

Union goons to counter town hall protesters

So someone has noticed that these town hall meetings haven't exactly been going well. Here is their solution.

I'm sure that will turn out well.


The Other Mike S. said...

The duplicity of the Democrats is maddening. Pelosi is whining about how the people showing up to the townhall meetings are some well organized group. They are sporting Nazi symbols, etc. Not a single video or image of this happening, but that doesn't stop an ad hominen professional like Nancy.

But union members doing this crap is a grassroots movement.


Bitmap said...

I figured that the people sporting nazi symbols were Tea Partyers with signs portraying hussein as hitler.

Ron Russell said...

I think the union goon thing could rapidly spin out of control for those in the White House who dreamed it up. Even the MSM will be forced to show the violence when it occurs---old people being attack by labor union goons will make the news.

Posted a great satire piece today on PETA and Veegans if you get a chance check it out.


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