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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm listening to a guy try to find out about the rules for fencing at his house

He lives in the city and is going to have a new fence built in a new location and is concerned about the rules and regulations. He has been calling people and passed back and forth. The first place he called gave him another number to call, so he calls the second number and they gave him the first number he called. Typical government screwups.

Some people will go through all that and STILL want the government to take over healthcare.


Mo said...

The more layers, the less efficiency and the more likely one is to get bad information. Just getting a building permit for a shed these days requires fees and form to the building department, Planning department, sometimes the health department and/or even the assessors office. All of this centralization scares me. Because it works in Chicago doesn't mean it'll work in a rural area. Crazy world. I'm amazed that folks actually WANT more interference in their daily lives.

Nickie Goomba said...


The fence regulations are there to:

1. Protect you and your family.

2. Make living more pleasant for your neighbors.

3. Ensure the quality of your fence.


4. Justify a pay-off from the fencing industry and create a small army of government bureaucrats and government fence inspectors.

Paladin said...

As someone who works daily in the same office as the people who enforce fencing regulations, and other code enforcement issues, in a suburban city... I can positively state that most code enforcement regulations are devised because there are:

1. Quite a few loud mouthed busy-bodies who are positive that they should be able to decide exactly what goes on in the lives of anyone that is unfortunate enough to live within their line of sight.


2. City Councilmen who pander to the demands of the busy bodies, no matter how ridiculous those demands are.

There are days in my job when I become disgusted by the helpless sheep-like nature of the general population. That pales in comparison, however, to the petty and stupid complaints that come in by the truckload to code enforcement.

American Prepper said...

This is why I love Northern Idaho...Don't ask anyone, just go build it. No permit required. It's your property, your right, if you want to build your fence out of tarps and old car parts go ahead, if your neighbor doesn't like it, he's welcome to move.

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