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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finished the first rabbit hutch

I finally got tired of waiting for free roof materials to show up on freecycle or craigslist so we spent the money on corrugated roof metal. We got some that was 2'x16'. The first question is how do you cut it? I used a circular saw with a fine toothed plywood blade turned backwards. As always when working with power tools be sure to use ear and eye protection and don't forget your heavy work gloves as metal can have sharp edges and corners. I mounted it by using a concrete nail as a punch and then putting exterior rated deck screws threw the metal. A little squirt of butyl caulk to seal up the holes and you are done.

Here is the final product.

It isn't perfect but it was fairly inexpensive and I don't think the rabbits will mind. The rabbits are about old enough to start paying us back for all this effort.


The Other Mike S. said...

Very nice! Are these for pets, food or both?

Bitmap said...

We have 5 total (2 bucks/3 does) and the kids have named them, but they know that the little rabbits are for the table. I've got the frame for another one of these to hold the other two rabbits built but we haven't decided where to put it and haven't put the roof on yet. I just got so hot working outside yesterday that I didn't feel like doing it again today.


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