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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trap, part 2

I'm not convinced that the one bobcat I caught accounts for all the birds I lost so I moved the trap to another spot and reset it.

Yesterday I wasn't successful at catching another bobcat. However, I did catch two opossums at the same time. I figure that their smell is probably good for the trap because predators won't be alarmed by that.

One of the opossums kindly decided to stay in the trap as bait, while the other volunteered for fertilizer duty.

I'll see what happens.


Did it MY way said...

Check out the Bob Cat on my blog. He sure was not eating chickens.

See Ya

Paladin said...

I wish our local bobcat population would thin out a bit. I've had the exact same conversation with 4 different people today about bobcat sightings. It gets tedious.

Maybe I should wish the people would thin out instead of the bobcats... its the people that are bugging me on the phone, after all :)

Of course, the bobcats don't pay my salary....

Bitmap said...


Maybe you should hope that the population of both people and critters increase. If there aren't enough critters to bother anyone then you're out of a job. If there are so few people that they have the space and freedom to take care of the critters themselves, then you're out of a job.

I'm not picking on you because we're all the same in that our jobs all depend on someone else having a problem that we can solve.


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