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Friday, January 22, 2010

A fair sized kitty

I measured right at 30 inches from the tip of her nose to the base of her tail and at least 16 inches high at the shoulder. I had a little trouble measuring while holding her paw in the position it would be if she were standing so the height number is approximate. This one is big enough to make me think about a full mount.

I think the injury on the front leg was from attempts to escape.

Check out the size of that paw.

Here is the business end.

You can see how close she came to pulling a chicken right through the side of the pen. Note how the mesh is bowed out and the staples at the bottom are almost pulled out of the wood.

Here are some assorted views.

Time will tell if I have any more of these to deal with.


Did it MY way said...

Cool Pics. Would make a great mount.

See Ya

Mamma Bear said...

We have a chicken thief too but haven't caught it yet.

Here kitty, kitty.....

Rhino said...

I wonder if they taste like chicken...lol

Jimmy the Screwdriver said...

Great kill. Did you catch her in the act?

Bitmap said...

Jimmy, I caught her returning to the scene of the crime. A hen had stuck her head through the wire mesh to peck outside and the cat grabbed her by the head. The cat couldn't quite pull her through the side of the pen so she ate what she could through the mesh. I wired the remains of the bird in the trap for bait and put it right next to the kill site and threw a bunch of the feathers and skin in and around the trap.

You can see the trap in the picture showing the damage to the chicken pen. It's the brown cage in the upper left corner of that pic. I took that pic after I had shot the cat and you can see her curled up in the trap.

I haven't lost any birds since then so I guess I'm ok until next time.


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