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Monday, January 18, 2010

Another cat

Apparently, I have another bobcat to deal with. I had left the trap set with the remains of the chicken used to catch the first bobcat, as well as an opossum. It rained here and I didn't bring in the trap, so some rust formed on the working parts. Something came into the trap, ignored the opossum, and was able to pull the remains of the chicken loose from the wire I used to hold it in place and escape without setting off the trap. Then, over the weekend Something grabbed another chicken inside one of my pens, killed it, and was able to eat part of it through the mesh. I've oiled the trap and have it working and I've baited it with the chicken. I wired the chicken in very securely. I'll see what happens.

I'm hoping that since the critter came into the trap and made off with the bait once that it will not be cautious now and will be easier to catch.

Wish me luck.


Did it MY way said...

Nothing worse than a killing chicken thief. Good luck catching him.

See Ya

Paladin said...

You can chalk up the failed attempt to "just a feeling of false confidence" in your prey ;)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. Post pics if you catch it!


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