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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend update

I went to the farm this weekend with my dad and #1 son, who is 10. We started building a new elevated blind. Rain slowed us down some but we got the posts in and the outer frame built. We have most of the material waiting for us except for paint. Now we just need to build the floor, the walls and the roof. That doesn't sound like much work, does it?

#1 spent some time with a .22 rifle and pistol. His skill is coming along nicely.

I found a good spot for the pop-up blind near a spot with a lot of deer and pig activity. Hopefully I can get squared away with the bow and get out there soon. I'm debating taking a rifle with a light in case pigs show up early. The plus side is that my probability of success on the pigs will be higher, the minus side is that I might reduce the probability of seeing deer. The sound of gunfire doesn't seem to bother mule deer but it might bother whitetails, at least older, experienced whitetails.

I brought home six five-gallon buckets of fertile and sandy soil from the farm to put in the garden. It's not enough to make a big difference by itself but if I bring home six buckets every time I drive out there then it will make a big difference over time.

Until next time.

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