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Friday, October 29, 2010

Compromise, muddy water and burning houses

I was reading over My Book of Common Days and found this post.

It got me to thinking about our current political and social situation. I see this nation as a burning house. Two people are in the house. One sees that it is burning and wants to either put out the fire or get out of the house. The other denies that the house is on fire and is blocking the door so nobody can get out to call for help or get a hose. What compromise is possible in this situation? I suppose the one who realizes that the house is burning could offer to stay in the house as long as he gets to stand next to an open door or window so at least he can breath until hopefully the fire department comes before the whole house collapses on him. That isn't much of a deal. The denier feels the flames burning his feet and is choking on smoke and blames the other guy for trying to trick him and convince him the house is burning when it isn't.

Let's hope we can convince the deniers that the house is in fact burning before the roof collapses or we are overcome by smoke.

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