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Friday, October 29, 2010

Just beheading the people in America that American's won't behead

Here is your link.

Just some more law abiding, hard working illegals doing the jobs that American's won't do. The difference in this case is that most American's wouldn't have done that particular job at ANY rate of pay.

This violence south of the border is kind of like African honey bees. These bees keep spreading and increasing their territory and every time some expert claims that they can't move past a certain point that expert is proven wrong.

Of course we don't need any border security and don't even broach the subject of giving up on prohibition.

If you want to stop illegal drugs then you have to go after the demand AND the source. There seems to be no way to reduce the demand for drugs and there is so much money to be made that suppliers have almost unbelievable resources at their disposal.

OK, you could go after the source by confiscating drugs, lacing them with poison, and then selling them on the street. You could use the proceeds from the sales to cover some of the costs of the confiscations. That would be very painful in the short run but it seems likely to reduce the demand one way or another. What to do with all the bodies would be a question that would require a lot of serious thought.

However, the big question is: Should we be doing this?

The so-called war on drugs has been used as an excuse to increase the power of government without any limits. Police forces with training and weapons to rival the military of all but a few nations are regularly used against US citizens.

I wasn't around when prohibition was put in place and then later repealed so I can't comment first hand on the results, but it is interesting that in that case it took an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to prohibit the sale of alcohol and another Amendment to repeal it. Apparently, these days it doesn't take that much effort to ban substances and then allow the government to confiscate the property of anyone found with that substance without a trial.

There doesn't seem to be a way to win this. Of course with government provided healthcare controlling the substances people have access to is important. If you are paying for your neighbor's healthcare then you don't want him putting harmful substances in his body, right?

There is no end in sight as far as government expansion is concerned.

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