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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kagan's First Vote - LOL!!!

Here is your link because you probably wouldn't believe me without it. My focus here is not on Kagan and her silly opinion, but rather on the idiocy of the appeal and the state court ruling on it.

The story, which is humorous in a sick sort of way, is that a condemned man appealed his execution by lethal injection because the state had to obtain one of the drugs that would be used to kill him from a foreign supplier and the drug might not be safe. A state court issued a stay of execution based on that nonsense. The state appealed to the Supreme Court and Kagan voted with the minority (be thankful for that) to uphold the stay of execution.

You might want to read that part in red again.

The only way the drug could not be safe is if the guy doesn't die!!

I can't believe that the judge in this state court didn't laugh at the appeal.

I am of the opinion that states should save 10 cents and skip the alcohol swap on the condemned person's arm and save another 10 cents that they would waste and just keep using the same old needle. It's not like the guy is going to get AIDS or tetanus.

Oh, and another thing about this. Want to guess who the foreign supplier was? You would think it was some 3rd world dump if the safety of the drug is an issue, right? In fact it was Britain. Now why would a socialist like Kagan think that drugs from Britain wouldn't be safe? I thought Britain had wonderful socialized medicine and everything was perfect there? How can it be that they might not have safe drugs?

If we want these creeps to go out happy why don't we just load them up on morphine until they croak? Would that be so bad?

I favor due process and a reasonable appeal to avoid the government using manufactured evidence to execute someone but this is beyond a slight stretch. The drugs that will be used to kill the guy aren't safe? What next? Maybe a guy that is going to face a firing squad in Utah will complain that the lead cores in the bullets aren't safe? Maybe a guy that is going to be hanged in Washington will complain that he is allergic to hemp? Maybe some creep will claim that he has agoraphobia so that strapping him to the gurney to perform a lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment for him?

Will this insanity never end?


Selous Scout said...

The inmates are in charge of the asylum...

Ken said...

...got to admit that's a first for me...

Mayberry said...

Let's save a whole lot more: .22lr is running about 3 cents a round. One or two from close range will do the trick...

Bitmap said...

Mayberry, you forgot the whole "lead is a hazardous material" thing. It wouldn't be safe to use lead bullets. What if the poor misunderstood murderer got lead poisoning?

Now if you could find lead free 22LR ammo you would have something, although they would probably sue because the creep wanted to be in a smoke free environment.


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