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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unreasonable search? How about x-ray machines mounted in vans to scan other cars on the street?

Here is your link.

The short form is that government agencies in the US and other countries have purchased over 500 mobile x-ray machines mounted in vans. The purpose is to drive around and see what you have in your car or concealed on your person. If they don't already have the ability to search your house you can bet that they will soon.

The article doesn't say how many of the machines were purchased by the US vs. other countries and doesn't say how/where they are deployed. I suspect a number of the one's owned by the US may be in Iraq. Probably the SS (secret service) has a number of these to go along with the Presidential motorcades in the US and abroad.

Their use will become more widespread and the technology will become cheaper.

This reminds me of a book by Aurthur C. Clarke called "The Light of Other Days". In that book scientists and engineers working for a company discovered a way to force open wormholes anywhere and anywhen they wanted to so they could watch anyone at any time. The technology soon became so inexpensive that everyone had one and could watch everyone else.

It is an interesting read and well worth the time.

The thing that makes this x-ray machine much worse than the book is that in the book they never figured out how to use the technology to see in the dark so you could have some privacy in total darkness. With an x-ray machine you will never have privacy.

Big Brother just got a new toy.

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