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Monday, August 23, 2010

Smith's Pocket Pal

I picked up a Smith's Pocket Pal knife sharpener the other day just to try it out.

I haven't really tried it on a small knife yet but I have sharpened a number of Cold Steel machetes with it and so far it has worked great.

My method is to set the machete sharp side up, either on a table or on my lap while sitting on the couch. Then I move the Pocket Pal over the blade. This tool is much easier than using an Arkansas stone, a Sharpmaker, or a file.

The Cold Steel machetes come with a black coating and it even covers the cutting edge so the Pal will get clogged up the first few strokes as the coating is scraped off.

It didn't take long to sharpen any of the blades. When I finished with both the carbide and ceramic sharpeners these machetes would shave hair off my arm pretty well.

I tried it on a large blade that was seriously dinged up and the carbide part quickly smoothed out the damage so that it was useful again.

I haven't really tried this sharpener out on pocket knives or smaller blades yet but I think it's a good accessory for a machete. You have to keep those blades sharp so that lopping the heads off zombies is quick and easy.

I'll have to try this out on a hatchet and maybe even try the carbide part on lawn mower blades.


Paladin said...

Hey, that looks pretty danged handy! And the price is reasonable too. Did you buy yours somewhere around here locally, or via the web?

Bitmap said...

Paladin, I bought it at Lowe's in the tool department. They had a section with most of the Smith's sharpeners that are on Smith's website.

I keep hoping that one time I'll go by and they'll have a clearance sale and I can pick them up for half off.


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