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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lawmakers meeting to discuss banning the private transfer of personal property

The economy is a shambles, yet somehow these people have time to sit around and be paid by you to think of new ways to violate the Constitution of the United States. They want to stick the big, fat nose of the federal government into your business even more than it already is.

Oh, but it's ok, because this would just bother those nasty, racist, Christian Tea Partyers. Criminals would be exempt, of course.

No surprise that this nonsense is going on in Chicago.

Here is your link. Now, let me go lose my breakfast in the bathroom.

Fortunately, from the article it doesn't seem like this "meeting" was heavily attended. They don't list attendees, which probably makes the attendees happy because this sort of nonsense might jeopardize their jobs. The article doesn't quote any elected officials, again probably because nobody wants to be quoted trashing the Constitution while the economy is melting down.

I suspect a lot of people realize that this is just another power grab from the federal government. Anything they can do to make owning firearms more difficult or less convenient for the law abiding while letting criminals be armed is good for the government.

Here are the mathematics behind this effort:

More crime + more difficulty owning firearms = more dependence on the government

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