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Monday, August 30, 2010

I Like Going to The Farm

I like going to that part of the country because it still has that feel of being free. In the towns you aren't constantly captured on camera. There are no metal detectors. When people mention "the government" it isn't with love or awe in their voices.


I went out this weekend to clear some limbs and open up an area where we are planning on building a new blind and also to pick up some fire wood. The saws ran great. Limbs and trees came down, and the bed of my truck was filled.

I saw a little 2x2 whitetail buck that was red like a Hereford cow is red. I saw two mule deer bucks still in velvet. One was a 3x3 and the other at least a 4x4+brown tines and he was a little asymmetric with one big tine crossing over the middle of his head. I saw lots of turkeys.

There were still a few plums on some bushes but we didn't take the time to pick them. There are still plums in my freezer waiting to be made into jelly.

The grass burs were thick in places.

I wish I had more time I could take off and spend there.

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