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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seasonal Flu Shots

The company I work for works with an outside provider so that employees can get seasonal flu shots at work for a reduced price.

This morning they announced that the program was canceled. Seems the provider can't get the seasonal vaccine because manufacturers have decreased production to prepare for the N1N1 vaccine.

I've read of some studies that showed taking the seasonal flu vaccine increased your chances of getting H1N1 so maybe this isn't a bad thing.

I don't know about that for sure but I know that people are getting alarmed about H1N1. The local school district in the town nearest to me is closed because of a high rate of absence due to illness. They aren't saying it's because of H1N1 but you can bet that is a big factor. The schools in the next nearest town my be closed.


Paladin said...

I've heard that, in the absence of specific testing that no one has time/resources for anyway, pretty much anyone with the flu is being considered H1N1. The reason being that we aren't in "regular" flu season yet, so widespread flu is more than likely H1N1.

I wash my hands regularly, and use sanitizer when I hop back in the truck after a call. I'm probably not going to get either flu shot - since I normally don't get a flu shot anyway. The Mrs. has already been vaccinated. She works around people all day that have all sorts of flu.

My only concern is the grandbaby, who I'll be taking in for both shots as soon as they are available at her Docs. Daycare is a teaming sea of germs and disease, even on a good day. Kids blow germs all over each other with happy abandon.

I'll take my chances with the flu. But I won't take chances with the baby girl. I'll insist on the non-mercury preserved vaccine, and I won't go for the weakened (live) virus vaccine - but she'll get her shots come hell or high water.

The Other Mike S. said...

No shot for me. The last time I had the flu was also the last time I got a shot.

No mas.


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