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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Magnum Boots "60 Day Comfort Guarantee"

Here is the guarantee:
All Magnum Footwear are backed by a 60-Day Comfort Guarantee. We guarantee our customers will be completely satisfied with the comfort and fit of our boots or Magnum wil issue a full refund within 60 days of the date of purchase.
I thought that sounded pretty good. I found an online place that had some on clearance. Clearance usually means the vendor isn't going to carry that style any more or the manufacturer has discontinued them. In this case the vendor clearly stated that they won't do exchanges or refunds on clearance items. I checked the Magnum website and the boots I was looking at were still shown on their website so I ordered them thinking that Magnum would exchange them under their guarantee if they didn't fit.

Well, they pinch the heck out of my toes and I can't wear them. I called Magnum and asked about the guarantee and I was told to go back to the place I bought them from and they would exchange them. I explained that they were on clearance and the seller wouldn't exchange them.

The nice customer service employee at Magnum said "In that case you are out of luck."

Well, isn't that nice.

The guarantee doesn't say that the dealer will issue a refund or exchange. It says that Magnum will issue a refund. I don't think I'm being unreasonable in expecting Magnum to either refund what I spent or offer an exchange in another size.

I've emailed Magnum about this using the form on their website. I'll post again when I get a reply.

BTW the boots are still listed on the Magnum website, so it's not like they are discontinued and don't have any to exchange.


Wyn Boniface said...

I have pair they do not do anything bad to me. I am surprised.

Bitmap said...

Wyn, what size do you wear?

Paladin said...

That's why I've always been reluctant to buy boots/shoes online. I have a hard enough time finding boots that are comfortable when I can try them on in person.

Doesn't matter if they are expensive or cheap, either. My work springs for a pair of boots each year. I had to go with some higher priced Dr Martens last year - 'cuz that's all the approved vendor had. Piece of crap boots hurt my feet after the first week.

My current boots are Herman Survivors from Walmart that I picked up for less than $40. Best boots I've had in a long time.

Be a persistant with the manufacturer, stressing the bad word of mouth they'll get for not following their clearly stated "guarantee". They'll cave eventually.

Wyn Boniface said...


Bitmap said...


Too bad. These are 10.5 wide.

Anonymous said...

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