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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So the Hussein Adminstration Really Does Want to Control What You Read on the Internet

Who would have guessed?

Here is your link. Unfortunately, there isn't a transcript of the video at that link.

My favorite part is where the President says that people should listen to opposing points of view. I guess that doesn't apply to left wing Presidents when they want to force socialized medicine on us.

In case you have a low speed connection I give you the basic outline. The federal government would like to force "political" websites to have links to opposing points of view. While this loonytune mentions CNN, do you really think left-wing-media sites would be considered "political"?

I don't want the federal government putting it's nasty hands on anything. Especially on the internet, even though Al Gore invented it.

The federal government wants to compare the United States with China on human rights. Maybe they decided that if they are going to do that then they should start creating a more oppressive atmosphere here in the USA.

On the plus side I have no doubt that if this happens then there will soon be filters available to block that sort of stuff. Until the government gets around to banning such filters.

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