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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey Calderon, I have a message for you

Shut up and go back where you came from!!

Why do we give foreign idiots a forum to badmouth the United States of America!?

This guy doesn't like all the belt fed machine guns, RPGs, and Chinese made full auto rifles that Americans buy at Walmart and then smuggle across the border into Mexico to be used against the police that won't stay bribed. Boo Hoo.

I've got a suggestion for you Calderon:

Close the Border!!!

The obvious problem with that is that then Mexico couldn't offload it's underclass. The nation would also lose some of it's biggest sources of income: drugs sold to gringos and money sent home by illegals.

This head liar from south of the border is so full of it I'm surprised the EPA doesn't ban him from entering the United States. He claims 80% of the firearms confiscated from drug cartels come from the USA. Anyone with a brain can spend 5 minutes on bing and prove to themselves that isn't true. Truth is really not the strong suit of Mexico's government or of this administration.

I'd better just stop now.


Ken said...

...good posts all,kinda surprised ya left out the "We are not defined by our borders" comment from the Darklord...

Bitmap said...

I just flat out missed it.

If "We are not defined by our borders" then why do they still have a fence around the White House?

chinasyndrome said...

Ha Ha,I missed this one.Yeah gonna run to Walmart tonight to pick RPD and M-60 20 to 30 belts of ammo.


Paladin said...

"Why do we give foreign idiots a forum to badmouth the United States of America!?"

Because the current batch of miscreants in power doesn't like America either. They actually agree with the enemies of America in lots of ways, and they are too stupid or two brazen to hide that fact much of the time.

They'll tell you that they love America. But its closer to the truth to say that they love how they imagine America could be - if only everyone would do things their way.

To bastardize an old English/Scottish insult, the libs think that America would be a grand place - if only they could get rid of all the Americans.


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