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Friday, May 21, 2010

Malfunction Clearance

When was the last time you practiced malfunction clearance drills with your rifle, your handgun, and your shotgun?


Ken said...

...truthfully,the last time i fired live rounds,late last summer...been doin' some 'reload on the move' drills,while dry firing tho...is harder than it may seem...thanx fer the reminder Brother...it'll be in my next practice fer sure

Shy Wolf said...

Just this afternoon... whenever I go to the range, it's part of my shooting venue. Also, while home in the evenings, there's always time for some drawing, snap-cap dry firing (though trigger resets are a pain), and more malfunction drills, mag changes and the always wise field stripping and cleaning, reassembly practice. Lately I've made blind-loading/reloading and stripping part of the routine as well.
Getting into shooting positions to become comfortable with them is a good idea also- and carpeted flooring makes a lot more comfy practice session than hard ground. As has been noted elsewhere, one never knows what position they'll be required to shoot from- especially in a self defense situation.


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