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Friday, December 4, 2009

People angry at the government

I saw the link to this over here and couldn't help but to borrow the link and add my own comments about it.

My first response to this was "Good. It's about time." After further reflection I have another reaction, which is that there are two kinds of people angry at the government.

One kind of people really want to use the government to take things from other people and give to themselves. These people want to use the government to do things to others they they can't legally do themselves. I think that these people are disappointed by the fact that they got what they wanted and it hasn't made them happy. Why would these people be angry at the government? As far as I can see the people in congress and the White House are doing exactly what they said they would before the election.

The other kind of people want to reduce the power of government. They don't want the government to do things for them. They fear what the government will do to them. As the federal government (and state and local governments as well) become larger, more powerful, more invasive, and more expensive, these people will become more angry.

Long ago government at all levels passed the point where it was keeping people from violating each others rights, enforcing contracts between free people, and protecting us from foreign invaders and began redistributing wealth and and enforcing the opinions and attitudes of some onto others. The people of this nation may finally be starting to recognize this, but I doubt it.

The people of this nation caused these problems by how they voted and the decisions they made in life.

Be careful what you wish for because you might get it good and hard.

Here is something I found interesting in the article:
A majority of those over 40 are Very Angry. Only 25% of under-30 voters share that view.
I'm surprised at that. I thought old people would be the ones pushing for more benefits at the expense of other people's children and that young people would not want to have their future wealth taken to pay for that. Somehow I got it backwards. I guess we are raising our children to want to be controlled.

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