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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goldman Sachs partners finally realize the need for personal defense

I don't have a reason for posting this, it just sort of caught my eye.

Here is your link.

I suspect most of those people are not big supporters of people actually being able to protect themselves and their families but that doesn't apply to them. LOL, at this point they are probably reconsidering their positions on the government restricting their rights.

I have to focus on one funny paragraph in the article. It starts out with this little gem:
Common sense tells you a handgun is probably not even all that useful.

Well, to be honest, handguns are generally low powered and are difficult to use well and nobody would pick a handgun over a proper rifle if they had the choice. However, to say that they aren't all that useful is idiotic. If they aren't all that useful then why doesn't the NYPD quit carrying handguns?

Here is a little bit of the followup to that nonsense:
Suppose an intruder sneaks past the doorman or jumps the security fence at night. By the time you pull the pistol out of your wife’s jewelry safe, find the ammunition, and load your weapon, Fifi the Pomeranian has already been taken hostage and the gun won’t do you any good.

What idiot thought that statement up? My advice is don't lock your personal protection in a safe. It might not be a bad idea to keep a loaded firearm (All firearms are always loaded) in your safe as a contingency plan but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have your personal weapon on your person. Oh, and get a real dog. I shouldn't beat up on the Pomeranian too much because they make great early warning devices even if they aren't big enough to be a threat themselves.

Finally, some reality invades the world of the author:
As for carrying a loaded pistol when you venture outside, dream on. Concealed gun permits are almost impossible for ordinary citizens to obtain in New York or nearby states.
That is a good reason to not live in NY. It is a fact that carry permits are difficult to get in NYC, but probably an organization like Goldman can grease the skids enough for these guys to succeed.

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