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Monday, April 19, 2010

I'd never seen an eviction before

I'd heard about the LEOs coming with some movers and setting the evictiee's stuff out by the street and the neighbors coming and taking it, but I'd never seen it in person. While traveling a couple of months ago I got to see one. I couldn't resist taking pics.

In this first pic you can see the Sheriff's car and the movers setting stuff out by the curb.

Here is one of the movers finishing up. I wasn't planning on taking anything myself but you can see both of the items that I thought were worth taking in this pic - the orange extension cord on the ground to the left of the mover, and the aluminum ball bat under the chair to his right.

Wouldn't you know it, the mover took the ball bat when he left. He also picked up a mechanic's creeper.

The crowd starts to gather like vultures. Notice that the ball bat is gone.

Here is a guy trying out the merchandise before he decides if it is worth the effort to carry off.


And "SOLD" to the man with the untucked shirt.

The same guy came back and snagged the extension cord.

This was clearly too much stuff to carry off by hand.

A few minutes later a car showed up as well.

Pickups are great for hauling off the stuff your neighbors leave behind.

The van came back for a second load.

"Now what do we do? Our new love seat won't fit in the van."

"Just carry it home."

And away they go.

I wonder if one of these people hurt their back if they would sue whoever filed the eviction.

You've got to have a chair to match the love seat.

This person just needed a new trash can.

This woman got her child into the act. The kid is steering while mom pushes the Power Wheels home.

It was really busy.

The family that was evicted were illegals. They had lived there for years and most of the time they had 3 other families of illegals living with them in that 3 bedroom house. With the economy doing badly the other families had gone back to Mexico and the one family couldn't afford the mortgage by themselves. Almost all of the neighbors are illegals and most are not far from this same situation.

Two years ago there were at least 3 families living in every house on the street and 4 in most of them. Cars were parked bumper to bumper on both sides of the street and bumper to bumper on both sidewalks. That culdesac would typically have 6 to 8 cars parked in it at night and if you drove in you had to do a 3 point turn to get back out. The bad economy has actually improved this neighborhood because a lot of the illegals have gone back to Mexico and there is only one family in most of the houses now.

I assume that the stuff in these pics is what the evictees decided wasn't worth moving or giving away. About 5pm almost all of the stuff was gone. The movers came back about 6pm or so and cleaned up the remaining stuff and took it away. All of the stuff that was left would have fit in a 55 gallon drum, but it was nice that they came back to keep that from blowing around and trashing up everyone else's yard. When they were done you couldn't tell that anything had happened.

Months later the house is still vacant. Someone mowed the grass but I don't know if it was a neighbor who got tired of looking at it or if the city mowed it. I guess that the one thing that changed is that nobody is living there for free.

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Paladin said...

I've seen lots of these, but this one has more broad daylight "pickers" than most of the ones I've witnessed. Around here it seems like the vultures wait until dark to descend on the stuff.

Sometimes residents leave pets as well as furniture and junk behind, so the Constable calls us out to secure/remove the animals before all the stuff gets dragged out to the curb.


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