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Thursday, November 12, 2009

You can add me to the group of people . . .

. . . that have been attacked by a rooster.

Some of the free range birds have scratched the kids but so far they all stay far away from adults. None of them were involved in this. I went into the pen that has mixed reds and whites to get a couple of stray eggs. I stepped through the door and had to shoo several hens away from the door.

Suddenly, out of the crowd of hens came one of the big roosters in full attack mode. I was surprised because he hasn't given anyone any trouble before. He latched onto my left calf and gave me a nice scratch. The weather has been dry so I wasn't wearing boots which would have protected me. I don't know if he got under my pants leg or through it but it kind of irritated me.

I am a firm believer that you should NEVER, EVER let a barnyard animal get the best of you and live.

I shook the little creep off and as he rolled over and regained his feet I proceeded to play a little game of soccer featuring him as the ball.

After scoring several goals on the side of the cage in my imaginary world cup game I think he decided that attacking people is not such a great idea for him.

He is destined for the pot in any case, but after this I'll enjoy putting him there even more.


Bullseye said...

HeHe, man I never seen a rooster that wasn't mean. Got rid of all mine. Tired of fighting for eggs.

Did it MY way said...

Rooster's are only good for the pot. Put him there now.

See Ya


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