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Sunday, November 15, 2009

He didn't really bow

He was just bending low so he could look into the man's belly button.


Paladin said...

At this point it really wouldn't surprise me if he knealt.

Paladin said...

...err, make that "knelt".

Hooked on phonics apparently didn't work for me :)

Did it MY way said...

To bad he did not fall on his face...but then again it was close to the same thing.

Bullseye said...

I think he was planing on us being the ones to bow....he had better rethink that one.

Ron Russell said...

My, my did he drop a contact lens. I would like to think that, but we know the truth. This guy is just dumb when he steps from behind his TOTUS.

Bitmap said...

"This guy is just dumb when he steps from behind his TOTUS."

He's pretty dumb when he is behind it, too.


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