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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stealth Preps

Posting about fire extinguishers started me thinking about preps for people whose spouse or SO is not into preps, or is even hostile to the idea.

A fire extinguisher is a stealth prep. It is an item that can help you face a foreseeable incident, but doesn't come out and say "prepper" or "survivalist".

Nobody can argue against having a fire extinguisher. Ok, some people might on the basis that putting out even a little grease fire in the kitchen can be dangerous and the best policy is to clear out of the house and call 911, especially if you or someone in the house has asthma or something like that. However, most people won't object to having one around, either at home or in a vehicle.

Stealth Prep

Sort of a way to ease people into the idea of taking care of themselves. Another stealth prep is a flashlight. I'm amazed at how many people don't even have a flashlight at home or in their vehicle. If you just tripped the main breaker in your house at night how would you find your way to the breaker box without a flashlight? Ever had to change a tire at night on a rural road? If the moon isn't out you may lose the lugnuts in the gravel and wouldn't that be fun?

Here is a short, incomplete list of stealth preps. I'll add to it later when I have time.

1. fire extinguisher

2. flashlight

3. spare perscription glasses. If you wear glasses and have a vision benefit on your medical insurance then get a set of glasses every time you qualify even if you don't think your eyes have changed. Keep the old glasses as spares. One in each car would be nice so you aren't stranded by your uncorrected vision if you break or lose your glasses. A spare pair at work would be nice, and maybe one at a relatives house.

More later.

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