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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not much going on here

I put 3 wheelbarrow loads of chicken manure in the garden plot today. The garden is big enough that the manure is spread pretty thin. This is on top of 3 loads of rabbit manure we put in a couple of weeks ago. I'll probably put some more in tomorrow night. I think next time I'll use the garden wagon instead of the wheelbarrow.

The chicken cages are open topped and dirt floored. I just go in with a shovel and scrape about the top one inch up and then go scatter it in the garden. Most of this material is somewhat aged so I'm not too worried about over fertilizing the garden. The manure has to be removed or it would pile up to the top of the cages eventually so I may as well get some use out of it.

With the price of food expected to only go up I think this is a good investment.

Now I've got to get some more fence material to try and reduce the losses to rabbits. I think this year I may pay the oldest son a bounty on rabbits killed around the place.

How are you set up for food production?


Mayberry said...

Getting settled at the new homestead. Raised bed going in next weekend...

Selous Scout said...

Are you still Breathing?

need said...


WrethaOffGrid said...

Hey, what's going on in your world? We are still living off grid, it's been a long time now, still loving it! Hope all is well with you...



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