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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Random searches on trains spread

Here is your link.

The most surprising part to me is that these searches weren't already standard. I'm sure they will make the sheeple feel much safer but they won't actually make anyone safer.

I guess this is a sign that the locals there couldn't afford full body scanners for everyone. Too bad for them.

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Anonymous said...

The article says that the search checkpoints will be set up outside the trains, before you have paid. It says that a random person will be chosen every so often and swabbed for explosives.

So basically, if you are a terrorist, you will still plan to go on their train with your explosives. You will just have a two part plan.

Part A - If you are NOT randomly selected for screening, you blow up the train.

Part B - If you ARE selected for random screening, you blow up the people at the screening area.


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