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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quote of the Day

There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men.

The most recent source I can find is Robert Heinlein's book Starship Troopers (don't bother with the silly hollywood movie, get the book), although I believe it is much older than that.

Of course in today's politically correct, equal opportunity, "non-gender-specific" world it would have to be changed to something like:

There are no dangerous men or women of any orientation or transgender status that can be imagined, including but not limited to those who prefer children, animals, or space aliens, as well as an infinite number that cannot be imagined and quite a few that it is best not to try and imagine, but there are an infinite number of dangerous objects that may cause someone somewhere to wet their pants in panic and could easily cause an otherwise innocent person to be misunderstood and to commit crimes and therefore their possession must be banned.


chinasyndrome said...

Dangerous men ie: those who speak of freedom,those who value their firearms as a means to remain free,those who won't be constrained by UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS.


Jeannetta said...

Just as "guns don't kill people, people kill people."


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