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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LOL. What a bunch of wimps!

Seems that people in FL need to grow up a little and do something about their government so that they can do something about their bobcats.

Here is your link.

From the article:
Some residents said they are nervous about walking at night, while others are concerned that the wild cats may get into their homes.
Ha ha.

Of course the real problem here is also pointed out in the article:
. . . they are also protected animals, and the FWC will not remove them unless they are causing a nuisance or have rabies.
Are they kidding? Does that mean the residents can't trap the furballs and kill them or at least transport them far away and dump them? On the plus side I guess it's probably against the law for residents there to have chickens.

Seems to me that people have been trying to wipe out bobcats for a hundred years or more in this nation and haven't managed to make much headway. I seriously doubt that killing the ones in that town would make a difference.


Paladin said...

It's a classic collision. This is what happens when environmental wackos, who want wildlife protected from the any effect of evil mankind, smash into the scaredy cat sheeple - who want themselves protected from EVERYTHING.

Ken said...

...Paladin +1...there's some good air rifles on the market nowadays...the shhhhh factor ya know...

Jeannetta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeannetta said...

What ever happened to "Life(I'd like to live), Liberty(I'd like to be free to take a walk), and the pursuit of Happiness(it would make me happy to have both of the above!)." The endangered species act is one of the most egregious assaults on our freedoms.

Bitmap said...


I guarantee you that bobcats are not endangered. I agree that the so-called "endangered species" act is a way to expand the power of the federal government without end. I don't know who declared bobcats "protected" in FL, but they are mistaken.

Did it MY way said...

I own one of those quiet air rifles, and any bobcat that shows up in my area will know it. I have no qualms about getting rid of them. I live in Florida.

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